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Finally, an electronic signature service company focused on simplifying the complex workflows that real estate agents face everyday. SignFast was built for real estate agents by real estate agents.  Document and data security is built right in using SSL encryption.

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Why Choose SignFast?

Though SignFast can be used in many different industries, SignFast was specifically designed around the complex workflows in the real estate industry.  From shared emails used by husbands and wives to the sending of documents back and forth and between multiple parties, SignFast provides the most efficient solution for real estate agents, brokers, and their clients.  

Simplify Complex Workflows

Have you ever tried to send a purchase agreement for E-Sign only to find it was secured, and then you had to print or run through a print driver?  SignFast solved that problem and unlocks the PDF when the document loads.

Digital vs. Electronic Signatures

Digital signatures use PKI technology to prove a document has not been tampered with.  Electronic signatures do NOT use PKI security, but are just as legally accepted in the real estate industry.

Full Transaction Management

SignFast is integrated with LeadCity Real Estate Lifecycle Solution to provide Lead, listing, and transaction management

Flexible Configuration Options

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You can choose whether you want your clients to draw their signature, type their signature, or most importantly, use the "auto-stamp" feature, so they don't need to select anything at all.  People really appreciate this option to speed up and signing process.  SignFast also allows you to select single sender signing, meaning the sender can click once to sign in all locations of the document.  Enjoy many other easily configurable options that allow you to conduct business the way you want to conduct business.

SignFast Features

SignFast is rich in features and super intuitive.  Most importantly it's built for mobile and we don't require you to download an app!

Electronic Signature

Getting signatures from your clients has NEVER been easier. SignFast has studied numerous industry workflows, and more importantly the workflows of other esignature providers in order to deliver the most efficient electronic signature solution on the market. Our goal has always been to provide a solution with the fewest required clicks, meaning our signing workflow is guaranteed to be the fastest and easiest signing solution for not only the signer, but also for the document preparer (sender). Try our Free Trial today and see for yourself. You won't believe how easy it is to get up and running.

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Reusable Templates

Reusable templates allow you to reuse the same document or group of documents over and over again, without the need to place signatures and other document tags each time you send an invite for signatures. Templates can use existing roles as placeholders within the document such as Seller, Buyer, Agent, Lender, Attorney, etc that each organization can customize for their required workflows. Based upon SignFast's proprietary naming convention, templates can be easily created and reused over and over again without the need to manually drag and drop fields from the SignFast Editor. Or, if you prefer to create templates from within the SignFast Editor, you can do so very easily, and create your roles directly from the editor.

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Document Management

Users have full control of all documents at all times. Users can upload one-off documents for single session signing, or you can use existing templates over and over again. During the lifecycle of the document, you have numerous options such as cancelling a document signing request, sending out reminders, downloading for manual signature, and most importantly, you are always kept up to date as to the status of a document. Document status will allow you to see who has signed and who you are waiting on. Real-time audit trails provide a comprehensive log over the lifecycle of the document.

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FastForms allows the user to create customizable forms in order to make data entry much more efficient, accurate, and easy. Simply upload a PDF that contains pre-created form fields, and SignFast will extract thos existing fields, allowing, you, the user the opportunity to customize your form by grouping fields, renaming fields, and much much more. No more combing through documents to locate hard-to-find fields. SignFast takes the guess-work out of data entry.

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SignFast is in compliance with the ESIGN Act of 2000, as well as UETA.  The goal of each is to establish guidelines where "a document or signature cannot be denied legal effect or enforceability solely because it is in electronic form."  

Place Tags

Send Invitation

Sign & Complete

SignFast provides the flexibility you need for your workflows

Many industries just require one-off signatures on single documents or set of documents, and SignFast can easily handle those simple workflows, but when a document is sent from one agent, to 2 different buyer clients, then to 2 different seller clients, and then perhaps back and fort 3 or 4 times, you need a solution that simplifies the process of procuring signatures and securing documents.  If you require the added security of Digital Signatures that use PKI tamperproof technology, SignFast is the answer.  If you only require Electronic Signatures without PKI tamperproof technology, SignFast is also the answer.  We provide the flexibility for you to determine what works best for YOU.  We guarantee the easiest and most intuitive E-sign solution on the planet.

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